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About Us

Andrew Hill



Andrew is the only practicing psychotherapist in the state of Montana to be certified as a Brain Injury Specialist.


Over the years he has worked with people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. He is very proud of the work he has done over the years with the Native American community and was thrilled to earn an honorary Blackfeet name in a ceremony in 2011.


Andrew lives with his wife and their two dogs in Missoula and is an avid fly fisherman, loves the outdoors and baseball.

Loni M. Neilson-Kattell



She, her, hers

Born and raised in Missoula, MT, Loni earned her BA in Technical Theatre from UM in 2014.


Although her passion has shifted to mental health, the theatre is still essential to her work. Stage managing allows her to facilitate audience participation in the artistic community by fostering a safe space to witness others' capacity for vulnerability, expression, and healing by integrating art and communities.

I hope to reach and work with men and people of any age. I know competition and the forces that push people to be their best and I can offer a respite and a space to be comfortable with yourself and to find out your motivations, goals and how to reach them. Depression, Anxiety and anger management are areas where I excel. I can help you find reason, cause and solutions so that you may live your best life. I am currently accepting new clients, online or in person sessions.

Davis Logan



Emily St. John


Screen Shot 2023-07-03 at 1.29.08 PM.png

As a licensed clinical mental health counselor candidate, I specialize in providing compassionate and effective counseling services to young adults and athletes. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and pressures faced by these populations, I work collaboratively with clients to develop individualized treatment plans that support their mental health and overall well-being.

The challenges of life can often leave us searching for meaning and purpose. Seeking therapy is a true gift to yourself and courageous step towards personal growth and change.

I believe that my role as a therapist is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space to allow clients to feel heard in an attempt to further explore this thing we call life. Much of my work is strength-based and solution focused. My goal is to have a client-centered practice and a practice that honors the unique experiences of each client.

Natasha Loman



Olivia Hockenbroch




Olivia (or "Olive") is a Pennsylvania transplant who stuck around after getting her MA in Rhetoric in Public Discourse. She's worked in a variety of fields in Missoula, most recently transitioning from adult case management into therapy. She is experienced in working with adults with severe disabling mental illnesses and she is passionate about Neurodiversity.

While her career has veered toward mental health, her love of rhetoric is still intertwined in her work every day. Olivia has several years experience developing strengths-based, person-centered, trauma-informed care framework. 

Theresa O'Keefe


Theresa Dog.jpeg

Theresa is a Midwest native who relocated to Missoula in 2021 with her husband and animals for the love of the mountains.


She has an MS from Bay Path University, an MSW from the University of New Hampshire, and is credentialed as an SWLC. Often joined by her therapeutic dog, Bia, Theresa has a wide range of experience in working with individuals and couples between the ages of 12 and 70 and believes in crafting each session to the specific needs of the client.

Elliott M. Evans


head shot with flowers 2023[89].jpg

they / them / their

Elliott moved to Missoula in 2010 to start an Organic vegetable farm and fell in love with Western Montana's beautiful and historic landscape. They grew up communally in rural Western North Carolina sparking their love of mountains and American subcultures.

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