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About Davis

I hope to reach and work with men and people of any age. I know competition and the forces that push people to be their best and I can offer a respite and a space to be comfortable with yourself and to find out your motivations, goals and how to reach them. Depression, Anxiety and anger management are areas where I excel. I can help you find reason, cause and solutions so that you may live your best life. I am currently accepting new clients, online or in person sessions.

I have experience working with adolescents and adults. I am comfortable working in anger management, anxiety and depression. I seek to support my clients to find and understand their own solutions and motivations.

I am an athlete, a gamer at times and enjoy the outdoors. I have worked in many fields and I can be the person you turn to when things are out of control and a voice of comfort and safety in the dark. I am here to support men and people of all ages to be comfortable with themselves and have a place to share without judgement.

Davis Logan


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